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Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

5/5 stars

I am currently writing this after midnight, wide-eyed from this incredible read. This book was amazing, from the fleshed-out characters to the firm plot to the whirlwind of emotions to the fantastic descriptions to the way you completely immerse yourself in the story and read for like 3 straight hours and then afterward think about love and life and continue the story and want to order the sequel right then but you can’t because you forgot you Amazon password #relatable.

The story is about a closeted teen called Simon which has a secret email relationship with another closeted gay teen called Blue. But then someone starts blackmailing Simon into messing with his friends’ lives and it turns into drama and a mess while I LOVE. Simon and Blue have the best romantic relationship and when they meet in real life it is just so cute! The author wrote really well, giving each character an in-depth personality. True, the characters were all introduced at once so I had trouble keeping track, but the fact that I’d seen the movie helped with that. Still, the book is so different and (naturally) better, so I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE.

This book makes you feel all the emotions, get inside Simon’s head its amazing how skillfully the author does this. Also, I loved Simon’s friends and they both infuriated me and made me laugh and in the end I floated in a little romantic bubble with lots of Oreos 😉

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