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Untwine by Edwidge Danticat

3/5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. The characters have depth and are consistent with their emotions, and I loved them! Basically, Giselle and Isabelle are twin sisters. One day when their parents are driving them to a concert they have a car crash, and Isabelle dies.

The book revolves around Giselle remembering her sister. The beginning was done beautifully, following Giselle as she floats in and out of consciousness, remembers her life and memories with Isabelle. It’s poetic and really sad and masterfully done. As soon as Giselle is released, she tries to find out why Janice - the amateur driver who crashed into the family - did what she did.

It is a very interesting story about how being a twin feels like, and how the absence of one feels like a part of yourself is missing. The ending is so incredible and stays into your mind! The reason why I didn't give this book all five stars was because of the pacing: Some scenes dragged too slow, like when Giselle was at the hospital, and others went by so fast that I had to reread pages twice in order to fully understand what was going on, which was usually when the characters had conversations. As a writer myself I understand how changing the pacing in a story keeps the reader hooked and the author did that, the problem was that it went in extremes. Still, the story is great, and I’ll certainly reread it sometime, especially the poetic paragraphs scattered across the story!

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